Happiness begins with freedom. It implies it. There can be no happiness without freedom. But freedom has some illusion to it, wouldn’t you say? Sometimes you think you’re free, but you’re really not… and then again, sometimes you’re actually free, but you just don’t realize it, or you’re just too afraid to exercise that freedom. They say we are born free, yet we learn freedom, just like any other skill. The thing is- it’s a quest, it takes time, patience and experimenting. In a way, it’s like creating a perfume, combining raw material, choosing the right aromas, the ideal ratios, digging deep for nuance and soul. So every once in a while, after facing some of those trials and tribulations, life usually throws back at you and you have to remember: you’re on your own pathway to freedom.

It’s not easy.It’s not supposed to be.

A13 means Love and Happiness ,but especially Freedom.

A Romanian Perfume House that was born in very gray and uncertain times, but a house that can underline the man’s power to adapt.

  • Above and Beyond

  • Behind Closed Doors

  • A13 – Out in the Open


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