Although the name may be tricky, Lilyn is not about lilies. LILYN is the name of the jewelry shop from Arad that was our partner when NicheScent opened its first perfumery. The owner of the shop is one of the first people who believed in NicheScent and we wanted to thank and offer a sign of gratitude. And because Lilyn is something truly unique, we hand-painted all the bottles and now you can add a different and special bottle in your collection.

Salty- Oceanic- Tuberose

Top Notes: Jasmin, Lemon Leaf, Basil

Middle: Tuberose, Coconut, Ylang-Ylang, Water notes

Base: Sea Notes, Ambergris, Milk, Ambroxan, Seaweed

Extract parfum 25%


Nose Miguel Matos


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