Love Toxin


From ancient times, people were curious to discover the philosophical stone and the magic potion of love, we read about their attempts in all stories, legends and history books. Even if they are just a myth, something there must be true. What if it wasn’t magic? What if the potion of love was real? What if they found a combination of scents, a secret formula of herbal oils put together that had the effect of poisoning . When you fall in love, you are on top of the world, in seventh heaven as if only you two existed on earth. Exactly how a LOVE TOXIN would work.

Top notes: Bergamot, coriander, plum, coconut, strawberry, rose oxyde.
Middle notes:Cumin, rose, tuberose, jasmin, heliotrope, gardenia, iris
Base notes:Peach, oakmoss, vanilla, hay, castoreum, opoponax, musk, leather

50 ml


extract parfum 25%

Nose Miguel Matos


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