Panther Fangs



Fragrance Family:  Ambery Floral
25% concentration
Nose : Miguel Matos
Artistic Director : Elena Cvjetkovic


During the beginning of Covid-imposed isolation, while they were spending time locked at home and talking to each other now and then, Elena and Miguel shared the same dream – although miles apart. A dream, one of those you wake up remembering fully, feverishly, and in all detail. A dream about a powerful black panther – free in the lush wilderness, tense, its muscles moving beneath the shiny black coat, with slit-eyed, and focused allure. In our dream, the black panther had fangs of jasmine, claws of amber, and shiny and smooth feline fur. It moved with grace, blending with the night.

Panther Fangs seems soft at first, while the eyes of the beast are still dreamy, its gaze is hypnotic. The danger lies beneath its smooth and flowing movement and waves of suspense roll in the warm air surrounding you. The dense, dark, and narcotic atmosphere is laden with bitter-sweet, penetrating buchu notes,  flanked by sweet, sensually purring animalic, and hidden flowery aspects. A moment when the dream unravels before your eyes, taking you over and penetrating the reality. Jasmine-scented white fangs of the dark beast shine above depths of amber with a sharp and civety character, and lingering smoky notes. 


Top: grapefruit, bergamot

Heart: jasmine grandiflorum, buchu, ambrette

Base: amber, ambergris, tonka bean, vanilla, civet, smoky notes

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